Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Princess of Smit Lake

A Kua-toa princess gets captured by a Broken One and its up to Jacques and his companions to save her.

DM – Amy
Location: Lake Smit
Characters: Jacques Dubois, Shadow, (Riley’s thief -?) and Angelet the necromancer.

The group met at the Smit Inn, during feeding time for the Kua-toa. Jacques introduces his new companion, Angelet to King Smit of the Kua-toa and is informed of her recent capture by a Broken One. A beast with the head of bear and vulture, legs of a lion, camel and man, arms of an orc, lizard and crab and the tail of a scorpion.

The group travels across the lake (with Jacques singing all French portage songs). On the opposite shore they find tracks and hear the sounds of a creature in the woods. They found the sound to a cave, where in they encounter the Broken One. Shadow is quick with several amazing spells, (Invisibility, Web and Sleep). Between the spells and Angelet’s calming influence on the creature has the party soon returning back to the Inn with the Princess and two trophy heads.



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