Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Outside Waterdeep - The Cave Dweller

New Acquaintances?

It’s morning. Zack has been out of Undermountain a whole day half expecting to be popped back . He’s set himself up at the base of the mountain while he waits. He’s noticed oddly footprints -not his own in the area.

Hmmmm he checks them out

DM: Ok. The tracks are easy to follow and in short time he sees ahead a the footprints in the sand leading into a cave.

Zack: Check for traps

DM: You don’t notice anything (Yes I rolled)

Ok so I follow the tracks ( I trusted you )

DM: Zack follows the tracks in and a short distance maybe 30 ft in. He hears movement ahead.

Zack: He stops and looks around like he’s on watch

DM: He doesn’t see anything but his hearing picks up more sound, a snore maybe..

Zack: Follows the sound

DM: The sounds lead further into the cave, which rounds a bend and Zack’s half-eleven heritage comes in useful as the light from the entrance doesn’t reach here but his infravision does. He sees a body-shaped heat source laying on the ground 15ft away. Definitely snoring.

Zack: Check for traps

DM: Where are you checking? On the body? On the cave walls?

Zack: Caves walls and floor

DM: It takes several minutes for you to carefully inspect the cave during which time Zack failed his Move Silently. The snoring stops abruptly.

Zack: He stops

DM: Zack is silent. But the figure begins to stretch out its limbs. It’s easily as tall as Zack.

Zack: What weapons do I have

DM: Dagger and bastard sword and crossbow

Zack: Grabs bastard sword

DM: Unsheathing it? (Is he pulling it out from its scabbard or sheath – this action usually makes noise – which is why I ask)

Zack: The sword is coming out for protection

DM: The slide of the sword out of its sheath is loud in the silent cave. The figure reacts fast to the sound and rolls away from the noise and reaches for a weapon of its own. The weapon at hand however is not sword but a mechanism that Zack may not have seen before. An M16.

Zack: (Fuck me lmao)
Zack asks what that is he explains that he brought out the sword for protection he means no harm

DM: (I say he might recognize it because Lee had handgun early on in the game and a few other arena games have had them)

Zack: (Ok) Zack says nice gun but explains like I was Saying before

Stranger: “Yeah, that’s what they all say. But there ain’t no better protection for a sword than a sheath.” The stranger says and smirks at his wit. "Lower your weapon and I might let you live long enough to answer a few questions "

Zack puts it away

DM: Just as he does that the oh so familiar sound of popping is heard and Zack finds himself teleported to an Arena. With him are is the stranger as well as a familiar smiling face. “ZACK!” The excitable gnome exclaims.




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