Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

In Character Conversation - after the pillar fight

Jealous Jonny

(no notes – not even sure of the date)
Lee and Jonny talk about the other Time-Wars fighters they met during the last Arena game. Jonny acts jealous and tries to order Lee to not talk to them again. Seems he’s worried that she’ll leave him if given the opportunity to go back to her own time and realm.

Lee isn’t sure how she feels but is happy that she’s others from ‘home’. When Jonny starts acting all possessive and jealous telling her what to do, she tells him straight out that he has no control over what she does and she’ll do whatever she god-damn well pleases! This puts Jonny in a sour mood … drama abounds… Lee tries to soften her stance by saying that leaving isn’t likely and there isn’t much for her to go back to anyways… (she might have mentioned having lost her fiance)

Not sure but this might be what prompted the proposal.. (gotta check with Kirsten)



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