Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

ICC #?

—It is well past daybreak, possibly close to noon when she finally wakes on her own. Her kitten is still sleeping peacefully by the crook of her neck. There is a slight tapping on her main door (not the one between hers and Lord Adrics)

she will get up trying not to wake the cat and saying “whos there”

“Your maid, ma’am” came the reply of the blind maid from the other day (can’t remember if I named her)
“I’ve come to clean the room and assist you with your wardrobe, ma’am”

maddy will walk over and open the door “hello how are you today”
she says

“I’m fine ma’am. You sound well rested today, ma’am. That’s good.” She stepped inside feeling her way along the wall with a hand. “What would you like me to do first ma’am? Fetch you a break-fast, help you dress, or clean the room, ma’am?”

do what you would like. would you happen to know where lord adric would be about now..?
maddy will go and pick up the kitten

(I need a name for her – any suggestions?)
The maid started with the cleaning since Maddison didn’t seem interested in either break-fast or dressing, given her comment. “Lord Adric? I believe he’s down at the edge of the court yard training with his knights. He does so til noon every other day.”

okay maddy says thank you for all the help you have given me

“You’re quite welcome, ma’am. I’ll be done with the bed linens in just a moment. While I’m passing the kitchens what can I get you to break your nights fast?”

im not hungry at the moment but when you can will you let adric……lord adric know i would like to speak with him up here please

“yes of course, ma’am” with that the blind maid felt her way out of the room with her load of dirty bed linens, and a promise to return to assist with getting dressed.

The keep seemed quiet, the only sound being that of an occasional clash of metal on metal coming from outside in the distance.

After a while, even that stopped. The maid returned as promised to help with dressing and following just behind was Lord Adric.

hello she says to the maid and hi lord adric with
a smirk

He was dressed in a plain undertunic and tan breeches (Pants and t-shirt like) and his hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat from the workout he must have just finished up.

how is your day going

Adric looks over Madison slowly. (How is she dressed? did she change for sleep last night or still in the skirt and blouse outfit? Or perhaps something new?)
“My day keeps getting better.” he comments with a slight smile. “I trust you slept well?”

skirt and blouse……

you seem happy today and yes i slept well thank you how was ur sleep.

“I didn’t sleep. I spent the night studying a new spell.” Odd – for someone who hadn’t slept he looked well rested.

“I’m sure.” then he grinned and leaned closer to semi-whisper towards her “I cheated – used a potion to renew my physical and mental acuity for the day.” He laughed then looked towards the maid who was busy at the wardrobe setting out different skirts and dresses for Madison to decide from.
“Meredith (there she has a name now) you can return to your other duties. Miss Madison is already dressed. She’ll ring the bell if she has need of your assistance. Thank you.”

“Of course, milord.” The maid bowed towards Lord Adric and then towards Madison “Mistress.” before feeling her way out of the room. She shut the door behind her.

when the door is closed maddison will look at adric you cheater! and ask "=what have you beeen up to today there was no knock at my door from you this morning. she will than grab his hand then starts
to walk her way to the bed and sits down. she grabs her cat

Adric smirks at her teasing insult, but follows along a tad warily when she grabs his hand to lead him to her bed. He remains standing beside the bed as she sits. “Training. And doing the day to day duties necessary to overseeing my lands. My apologies for not waking you. Given how last night ended, I wasn’t sure if you’d want my company today.”

its lonely without you and sit I’m not going to do anything
sit down adric ;) she winks

Adric looks doubtful but after a moment sits down.

(continues.. but am missing that part)



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