Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Descending into Undermountain

DM – Sinthija
Characters: Hakthor, Matt (Adric), Zack (Riley), Alethe and Gwendolyn (Amy)
Location: Waterdeep and Undermountain (level 1)

The characters met and arranged plans to descend into the labyrinth that is Undermountain.
The descended via the well at the Yawning Portal and made it past the Room of Pillars and into a room which contained a glowing suit of chain mail and a glowing longsword. They killed the 3 orc guards and checked the items to determine what type of magic they were. Alteration. Cautious, the priest detected for evil and found the longsword cursed – yet that didn’t stop the thief from grabbing it up out of curiousity. Now the thief cannot take up any other weapon – or the sword will teleport into his hand at just the thought of using another weapon. It makes for a handy thrown weapon but he lacks the skill with it.

Left off in the Suit room. Hakthor claimed the chain mail. He doesn’t feel any stronger or faster or more accurate in it… the only bonus seems to be that at least now he doesn’t need a to carry a torch.

Note: This game has been replaced with another group. So it is assumed that these characters decided that this wasn’t the adventure for them and returned to the Yawning Portal.



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