Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits


DM – Adric
Characters – Neu-Goo, Murtle, Ranger Joe, Terrance, Lashawn

The group found it waking in prisoner cells with dead zombies being tossed down upon them from above by a knight. The priest Neu-Goo discovered to her dismay that her powers were weakened in this place. In a rare moment of clarity and communion with her god Apollo – she was informed that they had been brought to a new realm where his powers were limited. After escaping the cells, and killing a few random attacking zombies, the party avoided a nearby demon and attempted to make their way out of the Asylum. Along the way they met a helpful (almost human seeming zombie) who explained this new realm to them.

There was much group did not understand, such as zombies with humanity and zombies without called Hollow Ones and how Bonfires were important resting places, and how if she wanted her prayers to work she needed a ‘wand’ of sorts to focus her god’s power.

At learning of the existence of such a wand nearby the party went of in search of it. Several Hollow Ones later they found the room in which is was kept. In fact there were two. They were guarded by a demon which the party fought (well mainly the Ranger) though Neu-Goo helped by casting a prayer from a magical scroll – Hold Monster.

They picked up Lashawn, another priest – a follower of War. She was given the other wand.
From there the party rested at another bonfire and met with their friendly zombie and was informed of a means back to their own realm. It required ringing the two bells – one in the Lower U?.. and the other in U parish.
The group traveled on a ways to a house where a dragon was seen.

Their route took them up along a cliff where more Hollow Ones attacked… (game paused here)



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