Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Arena Games #6

DM – Sinthija
Location: The Arena

A new group of Arena conscripts (Captain Pat the Pirate, James ‘the Hawk’ Hawkins (cabinboy), Terrance, The Legend and Penny find themselves facing off against 4 goblins, and a minotaur. James takes the brunt of the damage having to be healed after each battle. Thankfully the Arena came stocked with a magical ‘Red Cross’ room.

Captain Pat not content to wait for the next combatants goes investigating. He and James, begin a systematic search of the spectator areas and the holding cells for the ‘monsters’. There they find a Troglodyte (which the Captain decides to knock unconscious and take with them) and Kenny – a priest who’s been held in captivity for several days.

Terrance and The Legend follow a tad a behind but are there in time to help defeat the Kuo-toa that nearly killed poor James. But a poorly time pilfering by the thief Terrance causes party strife and there is a scuffle in which the young teen is skewered by Capt’n Pat. It is only by the quiet pleading of his cabinboy that the Captain allows the priest to be called in to help save the thief’s life.

The party, with the tied up thief and trog, spend a few moments resting in the nearby spectator banquet room.

(next day)
The party continued searching the hallway, and encountered a few other monsters (10 kobolds) but the greatest threat came from within the party when the young thief back-stabbed Captain Pat and nearly killed him. Kenny saved the Captain, while James took down the thief. The boy Terrance was left behind unconscious in the Arena but his ‘spot’ was filled soon after with a rescued ranger – Ranger Joe.



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