Miscellaneous Adventures of a Bunch of Misfits

Arena Game (On a Stone Pillar)

Pillar Fight

DM – Sinthija
Characters: Viktor (Vaughn’s Timewars character “The Heavy”), Jack Doomheart (Adric’s paladin), Brad Pitt, Jonny, Lee Sutherland, andPenny the Husky

Pop in on a giant stone pillar in like a desert area (nothing on the ground below for as far as the eye can see).

The typical booming voice of the Arena mage telling them they must fight.
Brief introductions around. Lee notes the modern-day weaponry and gives her military rank. Discovers that there are 3 in this group from the Time-Wars program (Viktor, Bradley and Lee). While talking about how Lee has been classified MIA, party is attacked by 5 pop-in Giant Bats. Then later attacked by 10 popped in Skeletons.

(game interrupted before all the skeletons could be killed) – everyone popped back out.



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